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(Bonus) J&J's COVID-19 Vaccine x 'Lose Yourself' Parody

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Welcome to Molecular Ideas and thank you for sharing your time with us. Today, we have a bit of comedy following the recent news that J&J has applied and been granted emergency use authorization by the FDA for its COVID-19 'one-shot' vaccine.

The race for COVID-19 vaccine emergency use authorization has had another player cross the finish line. J&J has received emergency use authorization for its vaccine, dubbed JNJ-78436735, from the FDA. Despite a current efficacy ceiling of 72% (notably lower than the already approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines), this is a major leap forward for public health.

As you know, the most significant point of differentiation for J&J's COVID-19 vaccine is that it is a 'one-shot' dose. Further, J&J's vaccine requires standard refrigeration and care due to its use of DNA rather than RNA, which makes it easier to produce and distribute en masse. By comparison, Pfizer & Moderna's vaccines require two doses. Despite the hope they have provided in bringing us closer to the end of this pandemic, managing two doses with high cold-chain specialization has created confusion, frustration, and rollout delays. While the US has already acquired rights to enough of Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines to immunize the population, the J&J vaccine has an opportunity to accelerate that process. Alternatively - and of greater importance - is the ability for a COVID-19 vaccine to be distributed without specialized cold chain requirements in countries lacking the operational infrastructure to do so.

This landmark event represents a major step forward in the global fight against this disease - and underscores the importance of funding life science innovation to address public health needs. Despite the cost and uncertainty inherent in the biomedical R&D process, we see that three cutting-edge companies took different approaches to reach a similar goal. The fruits of their efforts (and those of other companies) strive towards the promise of equality and accessibility in medicine.

Simply put, we are all human. As long as patients are suffering, there is no ceiling on the need for innovation.

With all of the tension and confusion around COVID-19 and vaccine availability, I thought we could take a moment to step back and laugh (Feel free to laugh at me). The below is a partial lyric rewrite of Eminem's chart-topping hit 'Lose Yourself' in honor of J&J's 'one-shot' vaccine being approved.



if you had

one shot

to be able to leave your house

after one appointment

would you make

or risk getting COVID?

[Verse 1]


He's going crazy, Zoom call, five today already

walls closing in, 1 year quarantining

he's exhausted, but he knows the chance is coming

to get out, heck he even missed commuting

stuck in traffic, subway's delayed underground

nowhere to run, no way to get out

he's trying for a vax, but facing the facts

this may be the new normal, in sweatpants, ouch!

snap back to the Zoom meeting, ope, he's reconnecting,

ope, he's reconnecting, on mute

he's gotta say, but the moment passed already so,

he remembers, he knows out there people are fighting

for their lives, with hope, he knows that, but it's slow

to wait until everyone gets two doses, so J&J

went back to the lab again, 'hey', they said wisely

we're gonna capture this moment and hope to save people


You better lose yourself in the research, the testing

you make this, you're gonna let us go (go),

'cause it only takes one shot, that's right one-and-done dose

this opportunity comes once in a generation

You better lose yourself in the research, the testing

if the FDA says we're good to go (go),

'cause it only takes one shot, let's not miss this one-and-done dose

this opportunity comes once in a generation.

Full original song lyrics can be found on Genius.

Please note that the above is not a sponsored post, nor an endorsement or critique of any COVID-19 vaccine or company. Availability of, and eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines can be found by consulting your doctor and/or local public health officials. You can also use this handy Vaccine Finder tool for scheduling an appointment for those eligible under current requirements.

That’s all for today! Let me know if you enjoyed this lyric rewrite and there may be more in the future. Please share and sign up to leave your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the comments.

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Eluemuno Blyden
Eluemuno Blyden
Mar 01, 2021

Nice one! My favorite M&M track too...

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